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General Conditions of Sale

These General Conditions of Sale govern the sales of personalized items on the website by:

LES BOUTIQUES LONGCHAMP Company, S.A.S. with capital of 1.858.000 euros, whose registered office is at 404, Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 PARIS, represented by JEAN CASSEGRAIN Company, acting in its capacity as President, itself represented by its President Mr Philippe Cassegrain, and registered in the Companies’ Register under number 334 502 655 PARIS. Intracommunity VAT number: FR 06 334 502 655.

The sale of LONGCHAMP articles on this site is available in English.

Be careful: the General Conditions of Sale apply exclusively for sales of personalized items to the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

The fact of placing an order implies full and entire acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale which may be accessed at any time on the website, especially when registering the order. We invite you to print a copy of the Conditions to be kept for your future reference. Unless otherwise proven, the data that we record constitute proof of the transactions and the date thereof.

General Conditions of Sale form the sole agreement between the parties and prevail over any other document. They may be modified at any time. The new General Conditions of Sale will apply to any order placed after they have been posted on the website.

Orders placed on the website are for private individuals and companies who are “final buyers” other than for their resale. The resale of LONGCHAMP items is strictly forbidden by those who plan to sell as a business activity.

For all information, questions, advice or follow-up of your order, our E-shopping Customer Service is at your disposal:

By letter at the following address:

SAS LES BOUTIQUES LONGCHAMP – E-shopping Customer Service

404 rue Saint Honoré - 75001 PARIS – FRANCE

By electronic mail:

By Phone +33 (0)1 55 90 59 69 (standard rates apply)

Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Be careful: For personalized items, you have no option to claim a right of withdrawal.


Articles offered for sale are designed and manufactured to your specifications within the sole limit of the choices offered. The other items (collection items) are not on sale on the site.

The offers of items are made to the extent of the available stocks. Upon your placement of an order, you are advised of the availability of items.


Prices are VAT-Inclusive (VAT rate effective on the date of registration of the order), with the exception of shipping costs and possible customs duties. Prices are indicated in Euros.

Prices may be changed at any time, it being understood that the items are invoiced and therefore payable on the basis of the price in force at the time of ordering.

The total amount of the order you intend to place appears on the « Order Review » screen of your order, and includes the following information:

prices (VAT included) of items

shipping cost

Any customs duties and other local taxes


All orders are limited per person and per 30 calendar days to 5 personalized items, for a maximum total amount of 2.000 Euros VAT included (shipping costs excluded).

The processing of an order is subject to compliance with the following phases:

STEP 1: Choice of item(s): selection of the model, then personalisation of the article in several steps in the order of your choice:

  • Personalized canvas Le Pliage items: selection of the length of the handles, choice of colours and selection of possible options.
  • Personalized leather Le Pliage items: choice of colours and selection of possible options.

Access to Step 2 takes place by clicking on the button ‘ADD TO CART’.

STEP 2: Access to “BASKET”:

  • Choice of the gift option and addition of a personal message.
  • Indication of the carrier and mention of the indicative date(s) of delivery.

Access to Step 3 takes place by clicking on the button "ORDER".

STEP 3: Validation of the order in 3 stages:

1.     Identification : creation of your customer account or authentication through an existing customer account

2.     Summary of the order:

o    Banking and postal information:

§  filling in of delivery and billing addresses;

§  filling in of banking data or indication of payment by means of a Paypal account.

o    Viewing the record of your order:

§  articles ordered and total amount of the order;

§  indication of the carrier and of the delivery date(s).

At that stage, you can verify your data entered when you process your order and, if necessary, correct them.

o    Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale.

o    Definitive validation of the order by clicking on the button “CONFIRM PAYMENT”

3.     Order Confirmation:

o    Receipt of an electronic printable mail of confirmation deemed to be the purchase order confirmation also containing a link towards this General Conditions of Sale, the E-Shopping Customer Service contact and the cancellation form.

o    Receipt of an electronic mail confirming the shipment of the order upon the occurrence thereof.

The invoice shall be attached to your order dispatch confirmation email.


You have 24 hours since you place your order to make any changes relating to the features of the items (colours, choice of metal buckles, etc.), as long as these changes do not lead to any change in the price.

To do this, please contact the E-shopping Customer Service at:

We reserve the right not to honor an order abnormal or carried out insincerely, as well as for any other legitimate reasons.


Payment of your purchases is made exclusively by bank card or by means of a PayPal account upon the placement of your order (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American express).

Your bank card or your PayPal account is debited no later than six (6) days after the placement of your order, in the currency thereof.

You may make your purchases in complete safety. The bank details that you transmit on line to a registered bank are confidential and carried out in a secured environment (SSL protocol).

Payment card numbers are not conserved on our site, but on a banking establishment’s secure site.

In the framework of payments made by electronic way and in order to prevent fraudulent use of form of payment on Internet, we are completing a check of the accuracy of the information entered by you when you placed your order.

Therefore we are currently checking that the bank card address and invoice address match each other.

We also reserve the right to request additional documents (photocopy of ID document, proof of address...) to confirm your purchase and send your order. Such requests will be made by e-mail or by telephone:

- For an order with a delivery address different from the billing address;

- For new clients;

- For an order exceeding 200 Euros.

We remain the owners of the items sold until the complete payment of the price, including VAT and delivery charges.


The items offered for sale under the General Conditions of Sale are delivered only in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden, except to the following destinations:




-       Faroe Islands

-       Greenland


-       Aland Islands


-       Mount Athos Karyai

-       Mount Athos Dafni


-       None


-       Livigno

-       San Marino

-       Campione d’Italia


-       Les Açores

-       Madeira


-       Ceuta

-       Melilla

-       Canary Islands


-       None

Deliveries are made at the address indicated upon placement of the order.

Be careful: you may be delivered only if you order through the version of the LONGCHAMP website of the required country (the “COUNTRY” tab appears at the bottom left hand corner of your screen).

We will do not deliver to an approved LONGCHAMP retail outlet, a LONGCHAMP boutique, an hotel, a post box, or carrying the indication « Postal Sector ».

For information, and for the sake of efficiency, the data provided are analysed by Cybersource.

The items are covered by our insurance up to their delivery.

Deliveries are made by UPS, from Monday to Wednesday.


Shipping costs are indicated in the point 3 - “Order Review” of the step 3 of the ordering process, and depend on the total amount of your order, determined as follow:

Total amount (VAT included) of the order

Amount of shipping costs

from 0,00 € to 100,00 €

9,00 €

More than 100,00 €

12,00 €


The date scheduled for delivery appears at step 2 “BASKET” of the order process. Unless other delivery schedules are indicated because of the vacation periods, the delivery will be made within 2 to 3 weeks from placement of the order.

If you have not received your order within the period indicated

ð You have received the shipment confirmation email but you have not received your order in delays:

You may contact the carrier at the following address:

Please also contact the E-shopping Customer Service at:

ð You haven’t received the shipment confirmation email but the guideline delivery date shown on your order confirmation email has passed:

Please contact the E-shopping Customer Service at:

ð If you do not receive delivery within the specified time:

You may request (by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt, or in writing on another durable medium) delivery within a reasonable additional time.

If we fail to deliver within that time, the sale, if you so desire, may be cancelled (by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt, or in writing on another durable medium).

The sale will be deemed to be cancelled upon our receipt of the registered letter or the written statement giving us notice of cancellation of the order, unless delivery has been made in the meantime.

You will receive a refund of all the amounts you have paid (including the transport cost paid at the time of the order for the article (s) involved) within 14 days of the date on which notice of cancellation of the order is received.



To avoid any complications regarding the receipt of your parcel, please read the following information carefully:

UPS will hand over the parcel in exchange for the recipient’s signature. This must be an adult who has reached the legal age of majority in the country in which the parcel is received.

If you receive a note saying that UPS called to deliver, contact them immediately to arrange a new delivery date. UPS will make 3 delivery attempts. If nobody takes delivery of the parcel, UPS will return the parcel within 5 days. If the address is incorrect, the parcel will be systematically returned.


Upon receipt of your order, systematically verify the condition of your package, the proper condition of the item ordered and its conformity with the order.

Ø  If you see that your package or item is damaged, we recommend that you specify any such damage on the carrier’s delivery form, and immediately contact our E-shopping Customer Service: Please for keeping as well the UPS packaging.      

In your message, do not forget to indicate the damage observed (damp, punctured or opened package, etc.). In any event, you have three (3) days, holidays excluded, from receipt of your package within which to notify the carrier by extrajudicial document or registered letter of your possible reservations.

Ø  If the item (s) does (do) not correspond to your order, you may return it (them) pursuant to the “Guarantees” procedure set forth below.


Considering the unique and personalized nature of the item, the latter may not be returned or exchanged.

As a result, you have no option to claim any right of withdrawal. We therefore recommend that you give the time and attention required for designing your item.


Considering the unique and personalized nature of the item, the latter may not be exchanged.



The articles offered comply with the applicable regulations. They benefit from LONGCHAMP’s expertise and quality, as well as from the legal guarantees (legal guarantee of conformity and guarantee against hidden defects).

If you intend to exercise the legal guarantees, we recommend that you immediately contact our E-shopping Customer Service: The latter, after validation, will give you the conditions of return of your item (s).

8.1.1. Legal guarantee of conformity

Under the current regulations:

  • You have a period of two years to invoke the legal guarantee of conformity following delivery of the items.
  • If any items are found to be defective, you may choose to have the item repaired or replaced, subject to the applicable cost conditions.
  • Any non-conformity which becomes apparent within 6 months following delivery shall be presumed to have existed at the time of delivery. Therefore, you are not required to prove the existence of a non-conformity that has appeared during this period.

8.1.2. Legal guarantee against hidden defects

Under the current regulations:

  • You have a period of two years to implement the guarantee against hidden defects following discovery of the defect.
  • Upon discovery of a defect rendering the item completely or partially unfit for its intended use, you may choose to either cancel the sale or receive a discount on the sale price.


LONGCHAMP After-Sales Service is responsible for wear repairs of your items, and for repairs covered by Legal Guarantees.

To enter in contact with our After-Sales Service, we recommend that you contact us, by preference, by electronic mail:

Your item will be sent to our workshops, where an appropriate decision will be taken:

Ø  In case of manufacturing defect that has been observed and validated by our workshops, we repair free of charge your item or we replace it by a new item of an equivalent value.

Ø  For worn items, the repair is paying (the price list for the most common repairs is available in all Longchamp retail outlets). We will propose you an estimate if the damage results from your fact or the fact of a third party.

Ø  Your item will not be repaired if it is too worn. It will be thus returned to you in its condition.


We are not liable for a possible difference in colour between “the screen and reality”, for the wording of the chosen personal message accompanying your gift and any consequences thereof, for the customisation choices made on the item that are not suitable, even if it is a gift.

Furthermore, we may not be considered liable or deficient with regard to any delay or non-fulfilment arising out of the occurrence of a case of « force majeure ».

Finally, please note that we may not be held liable for any order placed by a minor whose parents may or may not have authorised the order.


For all orders over 120 Euros VAT included, we undertake to keep the documents relating to the transaction for a period of 10 consecutive years. We guarantee your access to them at any time, on simple request.


Your personal information is necessary in order to process your order, and at no time this information will be sold, marketed or rented to third parties.

You have the right to access, modify, correct and oppose any information concerning you (


Intellectual property rights covering the site and all connected elements (brand, models, royalties, domain names...) are subject to property or usage rights exclusively reserved for LONGCHAMP. Any attempt to copy or reproduce part of, or the entire site - without express prior permission from LONGCHAMP - is strictly forbidden, unless for personal and private use and excluding any commercial actions whatsoever.


These General Conditions of Sale, the order and all actions that arise out of them are governed by French Law. In the event of a dispute, you may have recourse to a contractual mediation procedure or any alternative means of resolving differences. In the event of a dispute, and if this cannot be settled amicably, the French courts have sole jurisdiction.

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